Your Child’s Future Deserves Protection How A Private High School Looks Out For Their Best Interest

High school is the final hurrah before adulthood. It’s where students get to really hone in on what they want to do when they become an adult.

When your child is nearing the end of their teenage years, you no doubt want them to walk away from it all with their head held high. How do you do this with so many schools in the United States? When it comes to a quality education that embraces the future, the benefits of private school education could be the answer. Designed with high standards and a flexible curriculum, the benefits of prep schools will be felt for the rest of your child’s life. In fact, if you’re searching for the best private education in your area…

…see what the advantages of attending private schools are below. Higher test scores and a more well-rounded education await you!

Quality over quantity tends to win out when it comes to high school education. Just take a look at what stands out most about your own education growing up. Was it the thoughtful teachers that left an impact on you or the one-on-one attention offered by counselors? A recent study revealed around 25% of all American schools are private models. Your options for a more considerate and forward-thinking educational experience are right around the corner.

The benefits of private school education know the present is only one part of the equation. They need to consider the past and the future if they’re to set your child up for success. Counselors at private schools, according to a survey, revealed they spend up to 55% of their time on college-related counseling. Public school teachers and counselors, on the other hand, stated they only spend around 20% of their time doing so. Imagine the effect this could have on your child’s still-developing future.

No high school experience should focus just on the educational side of things. Strong social skills and a supportive community are vital to make your kid feel appreciated. One study revealed 25% of public school teachers reported a dearth in parent teacher involvement in their school. A mere 3% of private school teachers, however, reported experiencing the same. With more involved teachers your child will learn more about the world and more about themselves.

That said, high SAT scores certainly don’t hurt. The national average private school SAT score is an impressive figure indeed, hovering at 1235 for several years now. The national average public school score, however, has remained lower at 1060. Your local private high school wants to make sure every last piece of the puzzle is in place. Your child’s future in college and the workforce depends on having all their bases covered, after all!

There’s no need to be worried. With a private high school on your child’s side you can finally breathe easy knowing they’re well taken care of. Over 90% of non-parochial private high school graduates will go on to a four-year postsecondary institution, thanks to a recent survey. With them they’ll take a well-rounded education filled to the brim with supplementary elements, including arts camp, summer camp, college prep, study groups, and extracurricular activities. There’s no limit when it comes to your child’s best.

What does the private high school have to offer? A little bit of everything. Talk to one of your local deans today and ask for a tour to get your child started.