X Window Treatments for Your Home

There are various window treatments available to suit one’s home or business. This video shows six common window treatments that are available on the market today. Each form of window treatment has distinct advantages and disadvantages that should be evaluated before purchasing.

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Most popular include curtains, valance, shades, and drapes. Let’s take a look at some of these treatments.

Blinds are a common choice for window treatments since they are affordable and simple to install. Venetian blinds are horizontal slats made from materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, or plastics and suspended by a cloth strip or chords. Similarly, Louvered blinds are mostly horizontal and come in many different materials. Both blinds help to block moisture and sunshine.

Curtains and drapes are the other common types of window treatment. Curtains come in various materials and can be very effective at blocking out light and providing privacy. Drapes are similar to curtains but come in heavy fabrics like brocade or velvet. That makes them suitable for places such as bedrooms.

Lastly, Shutters and Valance are also common options for window treatment. Although expensive, shutters are durable and provide unique traditional elements. On the other hand, valances are short and used for decorative purposes.