Why to Build a Home Instead of Buying One

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If you’re in the market for a new home, you may find plenty of beautiful luxury homes already built that are almost what you’re looking for, but you won’t find a home that truly suits you unless you build it yourself.

Custom built homes are one-of-a-kind beautiful luxury homes usually built in upscale neighborhoods or on luxury properties. As the economy rebounds, custom designed homes are becoming increasingly popular with home buyers.

Before you decide to buy luxury homes for sale, consider that 99% of America’s older houses are considered sick, plagued with issues like drafts, dust, noise and high utility expensive.

Most old homes could be up to 30% more efficient with modern energy improvements, but why waste time remodeling an old house when you could just build a new one? It’s often more expensive to improve the utilities in an old house than it is to build a custom house with those utilities installed.

Everything that goes into the beautiful luxury homes designed and built by custom home builders is determined by the client. Builders work with the home buyer to choose materials, floor plans, products and luxury features. Custom builders usually don’t build more than 10 homes a year, allowing them to focus on each project and make sure the craftsmanship and detail is perfect.

You can also choose to build your house from green materials with green energy systems installed to enhance a sustainable lifestyle. From building solar panels on the roof to choosing wood from sustainable forests to recycling the waste from your construction site, you have plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Custom home builders also work within your budget to get you the home you want, so even if you can’t afford a sprawling mansion, you can still build the house of your dreams.
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