Why Are More People Choosing To Rent Their Party Equipment These Days?

Dream wedding rentals

Parties are expensive.

Being smart isn’t synonymous with being cheap. There are ways to save money while still putting together a spread to remember and they start with the word ‘rental’. Wedding linen rentals, chair rentals, event rentals, you name it — there is an entire industry waiting in the wings to make this your most successful party yet. Instead of fussing over everything that can go wrong and worrying yourself into a corner, keep yourself grounded with some simple facts and tips on creating a dream wedding, birthday party or office party.

What About The Cost?

To reiterate? Weddings, parties and corporate events will suck your wallet dry and leave you reeling before you’ve even finished tallying the costs on your calculator. The average cost of a wedding reception these days is $13,000, which is nothing to say of the after-party and all the little details that get lost in the shuffle. Studies have shown over 90% of brides will use the Internet to plan out the details of their wedding, so you can imagine this number being just as constant for corporate managers, parents and entrepreneurs. There’s nothing like a good resource for waving away anxiety and putting everything in place. That said?

Rental Linens

First things first…what do you even need to make sure your event goes off without a hitch? You know a good banquet and some catchy music will keep people satisfied, but what about warding away troublesome spills? You can learn a lot from wedding linen rentals. Rental linens are always high-quality, providing an elegant touch-up to your decoration to keep accidents at bay and help you design your way to being the talk of the town. Table clothes, table runners, napkins, chair covers and sashes are just some of the items that will be provided by your rental company.

Rental Chairs

What about chairs? You’ll want to make sure your guests are all comfortable and relaxed at your venue. Chair and table rentals are considered one of the most essential aspects of party planning, with small-scale events and large-scale parties alike dedicating a significant chunk of time just determining where people can sit. Baby showers, birthday parties and meetings alike can’t afford to miss out on this detail, so grab a ruler and do some simple measuring to ensure you’re using your given space to the fullest of its potential.

Rental Tables

No rental chairs are complete with wedding linen rentals and rental tables. Those with a large home or big backyard can benefit from having their party outdoors, as that’s one of the most popular preferences of party goers these days. Tents can be brought over to provide shade for hot weather or a little protection from April showers. Planning a party requires hundreds of little details, from decisions as big as the budgeting for your banquet to something as simple as whether or not to provide napkin holders.

Setting Up The Best Event Yet

Now you’re familiar with the benefits of rental linens, chairs and tables. Are you ready to start planning your event? Not quite. Keep in mind drinks are one of the biggest appeals for party goers and should be considered just as intensively as your food budget. Studies have shown 80% of guests will happily accept tea and coffee, with juice, soda and water good alternatives for children. Expect two to three glasses per person at a cocktail party and remember to provide reliable transportation to ensure everyone gets home safely. Last, but not least…don’t forget to have plenty of napkins!

2018 is only just getting started. Rent tent accessories and table linens when you want to save money and party smart.