Six Reasons to Consider a Florida Condo

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Condos are a popular living choice, especially in populated areas like Florida. With so many people purchasing second or vacation homes in the Florida area, condos are a great choice for affordability. Additionally, new condos for sale can provide you with many living and lifestyle advantages.

Affordability in tourist filled areas

The tourist areas of Florida tend to have the best restaurants, attractions, and beaches. This can easily drive up the cost of real estate and can make it difficult to afford homes for sale in the area. New condos for sale are often much more affordable and give the same benefits of location. Florida?s total population is 21.31 million and that number is growing every day. Purchasing a condo makes a second home or vacation home a reality for many.

Wonderful views from every room in the condo

Another benefit of new condos for sale is that they are often in ideal Florida locations. Many of them are set directly on the beach or overlooking the beach. Because they are stacked on top of one another, the views are often better than single family homes. In a single family home, you might get lucky to have a waterfront view in one part of the house. With new condos for sale, it is possible to have views from every room.

Minimal upkeep and maintenance

Homeowners are responsible for all of their property upkeep and maintenance. If the plumbing bursts, the homeowner must schedule a plumber and incur the costs associated with the repairs. If the electrical is deemed outdated, the homeowner must hire an electrician pay for the electrician costs. With new condos for sale, there is often a property manager. The condo is a part of a large building complex that handles all maintenance and upkeep.

Minimal exterior upkeep

One of the most popular reasons for moving to a condo association is to avoid laborious exterior upkeep. Florida is constantly warm, which means landscaping needs to be kept up year round. Beach real estate condos include all landscaping. Not only can the property owner avoid these tasks, but they will have upscale landscape designs all year long. Florida has a surface area of over 65,755 square miles. The terrain varies depending on the area of Florida and a homeowner would also have to learn the proper landscaping tips for their property.

The ability to leave the property unattended

Because so many people purchase homes in Florida as a vacation home, there are long periods of time when the property is unattended. This could be problematic in a single family neighborhood. Criminals can pinpoint the house and theft and vandalism can become a problem. There is increased security in luxury apartments for sale and condos, a benefit for when the homeowner is in the condo or away for an extended period of time. Many homeowners will also hire property managers. Condos often have a property manager on site at all times, making the process more convenient.

Increased ability to resell

Vacation homes are the first thing to go when financial struggles hit. Purchasing a single family home in a tourist area can be difficult to resell, especially if the economy declines. Condos, however, are a preferred living option in Florida and tend to hold their resale value. Sales of vacation homes slumped nearly 22% in 2016 to the lowest level in three years. Fortunately, condos can be sold as property other than a vacation property.

Condos have many advantages over traditional single family homes. They tend to hold their value, include property maintenance and exterior landscaping, and they have increased security. Condos are a great option as a second home or vacation home. Work with your local realtor to find the condo that is right for your living needs.