When Was the Last Time Your Children Spent Time at a Playground?

Raise your hand if you’re never closing the yearbook!
The Instagram post featured a pair of photos of you and five of your high school friends out on the town for the first time since you all turned 21. Everyone was home for Thanksgiving and short of gathering on the climbing playground spaces where you grew up together, spending time on the downtown spaces was pretty great. From plastic tire swings to enjoying a Thanksgiving toast together, this is the group that matters the most. Your college friends are a great group, but you will always be attached to your friends from back in high school.

Playgrounds Are the Greatest Spaces for Friends of All Ages

From rock climbing hand holds that seemed too big and too high when you first went to school to the places where college friends gather, there are some spaces that help create the greatest of memories. On the climbing equipment From your elementary school playground where you first mastered the monkey bars to the swing set where you lost your first tooth, there will always be a spot where you can revisit the memories of your childhood. The fact of the matter is, however, there are many of these spaces that have needed updates, repairs, and modifications so that they are still able to be used today. In a time when so many children and teenagers are attached to their screens instead of swings, it should come as no surprise that there are an increasing number of parents who want to make sure that their children are getting the exercise and the activity that they need.

The latest research indicates that fewer than 33% of children reach the Sports and Fitness Industry Association’s classification of “active to a healthy level.” This means that these children are not getting even 25 minutes of high calorie burning physical activity three times a week. Is it any wonder then that there are an increasing number of schools and communities that are working to install better and more playground equipment.

From climbing playgrounds to swing mats that make every space more safe, it is important to make these structures as appealing as possible. If you are one of the 66% of parents who worry that their child spends too much time on electronic devices you might be willing to invest in great outdoor climbing playground equipment .By drawing kids away from their phones and outside to play, many parents and teachers hope that they are able to encourage their kids to get more exercise. Even when those kids have moved on to college.