How Important Is Playtime In a Child’s Development?

If you are in charge of a park or playground, the cost of upkeep likely figures heavily into your job. Public play areas experience heavy usage from the community. These areas are also subject to the demands of the weather, whether in the form of heavy rains, harsh sunlight, or even snow. Any structures therefore must be incredibly durable.

What to Know About Park Playground Equipment Parts and Portable Aluminum Bleachers.

Most popular parks have a few key features. Things such as a climbing playground, portable aluminum bleachers, or basketball hoops are of course more likely to people in than a plain grassy lot.

How Are Children Spending Their Time?

About 83% of parents want their children to be proficient at using electronics. As many as two-thirds of parents express worry over the amount of time their children spend on some sort of electronic device. The simple remedy is to encourage the children to spend their time on something else. While a good book or board game could provide entertainment, about 9 out of 10 parents would prefer their children played outdoors instead.

Why Is Play So Important For Children?

Children are playing outside less. It’s not just a speculation. Experts estimate that while their parents played outside for a little over eight hours a week as children, the current group get only about four hours a week. It would seem more children would at least clock in more time spent on portable aluminum bleachers as part of a team sport, but the facts don’t agree.

This could effect children’s motor development. Playtime is actually one of, if not the best, method for helping a child under the age of five develop their fine motor skills. Plenty of playtime is essential. A child with poor motor skills at age six is thought to never “catch up” in terms of being on the same level as another child who did have more time.

What Can You Do to Support Children’s Play?

A well-maintained park with quality equipment will draw in members of the community. Children need a safe place to play. Most doctors and parents agree that children need to play outdoors to receive the best benefits. Perhaps this is attributed to the sunshine and fresh air. Yet it is a belief that is long-held and doesn’t need a scientific study to recommend it.

A good park needs good equipment. The company or person in charge of maintenance has an important job. Parks are necessary for a community to flourish.