What is Equity?

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Understanding home equity is a key part of understanding home loans on the whole. This video explains what home equity is and how to access it when you need it.

Equity is shares of a home that you actually own. When you initially buy a home, you will probably take out a mortgage to help you out.

Say you buy a house worth $500,000, and you owe the bank $400,000. The equity, or shares of the home that you own, is the total value minus the amount you owe the bank, or $100,000.

You cannot always access all of that equity. This is because the bank won’t let you borrow for 100% of the property. So if you borrow 90% from the bank, which is the typical allotment, and you’re home is worth $500,000, that means the bank lent you $450,000 for the home, so you can only access $50,000 of the equity.

You may want to access your equity if you want to do renovations, buy a new car, or even just go all holiday. Speak with your bank in order to figure out how much of your equity is available to use.

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