Topsoil Companies Break Down What Makes Good Soil

According to topsoil companies, one of the things homeowners should avoid when choosing soil is the bathtub effect. Learn more about this concept from the video below.
When planning a garden, many people consider aesthetic instead of practical factors.

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Choosing excellent quality soil is a practical factor that hardly excites many garden enthusiasts. Still, topsoil companies say excellent soil is critical for a garden to thrive.
Soil forms the foundation of a garden, and understanding it helps individuals improve it to cater to forthcoming gardening seasons. Good soil comprises the following factors.
Superior Soil Tilth
Soil tilth is the general physical formation of soil regarding how suitable it is to support crop production.
Adequate Depth
Adequate depth is the stretch of the soil outline to which the roots can grow and function. Suppose the soil is not deep due to previous erosion or a compaction layer. It will be liable to extreme variations exposing the plants to flooding and drought stress.
Proper Soil Drainage
Good quality soil has a proper structure, allowing it to drain rapidly even after heavy rains. It also retains enough water to promote plant health.
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