Upgrade Your Backyard How to Get the Most Out of an Under-Utilized Living Space

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A home is nothing more than the sum of its parts, yet many homeowners seem to constantly neglect a crucial part of their home: the actual property. Home buyers and sellers who realize this are able to tap into a world of potential through landscaping and exterior decorating to increase the curb appeal and value of any home. Here are some ways that homeowners can revitalize under-utilized yard space through smart, lasting investments.

Beautifying One’s Home

Landscaping is a practical art form in many respects. Properly installed tree lines can help reduce heating costs in the winter; likewise, the shade provided by specially positioned trees can help cut down on air conditioning costs in the summer. With the right kind of landscaping, homeowners can potentially negate harmful water damage from storms, as plants too can help to direct water away from one’s home if carefully installed. Of those homeowners that updated their landscaping, 56% said that they did so to make their yards more friendly for entertaining, 44% did so to make their yards more functional, and 34% invested in landscaping in order to directly increase their home’s value.

Getting the Most Out of Your Landscaping

The amount of money one invests in their landscaping out to be proportional to the amount of use that one intends on getting out of their yard. Investing in a new gas grill or propane grill is one way to ensure that you will always have a reason to enjoy your backyard living space. Grilling is quickly becoming one of the single most popular cooking methods with around 60% of grill owners choosing to use their grills all year round regardless of weather conditions. Up to 80% of American households have some kind of outdoor grill, barbeque, or smoker. Many homeowners actually see their patio as an extension of their kitchen and dining area with patio furniture sets to transform a tailored backyard into an entertainment hot spot.

Upgrading One’s Backyard

Many Americans are considering ways to upgrade their backyard to serve as a functional entertainment area for most of the year, to this end around 80% of households plan on purchasing outdoor patio sets and accessories this year. Table and chair patio sets often come with an umbrella to keep guests in the shade and away from rain and other elements; patio sets are specifically designed for multi-season functionality in this respect. Manufacturers have been producing an increasing number of tables in variety of sizes and heights to create a seemingly limitless array of options as patio furniture continues to grow. Other patio sets could include benches; a small 4′ by 8′ patio with 4′ benches can comfortably seat eight people. Outdoor heaters are another great way to get the most out of your backyard living space as homeowners can embrace the elements while remaining warm and comfortable even in the winter! For those looking to live in harmony with their backyard, consider investing in ways to upgrade your backyard with patio sets and accessories.