Tips for Staying Safe While Snowmobiling

Do you plan on riding one of your family’s snowmobiles that you purchased from snowmobile dealers in Michigan this winter? Here are a few safety tips everyone in your family should follow as you ride trails with your snowmobile all winter long.

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First, newer riders should look into taking a snowmobile safety course. A professional can provide helpful tips for ensuring the snowmobile is ridden correctly and safely.

Second, always check the weather conditions ahead of time. If it’s going to be very icey or hard to see outside, it’s best to skip riding that day.

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Third, always wear protective gear and the appropriate winter clothing. Ensure every rider is wearing layers, a bib, a jacket, goggles, a face mask, socks, gloves, a hat, and comfortable boots. A helmet is important to remember.

Fourth, never ride alone. If something happened, you need someone else to go get help.

Fifth, stay alert. Don’t run into any animals or trees! Pay attention to your surroundings and don’t go too fast if that means you can’t control your snowmobile.

Finally, stay away from frozen water. It’s not safe to drive over it because you can’t tell how frozen it is. You don’t want your snowmobile to crack the ice!