Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Home

Gated communities

Selling your home can be both an exciting and stressful experience. While the prospect of starting a new home somewhere else is great, trying to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers can put a lot of strain on an individual.

Selling a home
involves many different elements. To start, you need to know your demographic. In 2014, research showed that the average first time home-buyer was approximately 31-years-old and repeat buyers were about 53 years old.

Additional research also shows that 65% of recent home buyers were actually married couples. You should try to apply this information in the way you pitch your home. Highlighting the “family friendly” aspects is a great way to go with selling luxury homes.

Here are some more tips and tricks for making sure your home is sure to sell.

Getting People Interested in Buying a Home:

  • First things first when trying to sell your home, you want to make sure that it is in absolute tip top shape. You want to make sure that all smudged or chipped paint is repaired, fix squeaky or drafty doors and anything else in your home that is damaged that can detract from its appeal to potential buyers.
  • Gated communities are all the rage these days. Gated communities offer luxury real estate in a secure, safe area. Many potential buyers — particularly those with children — are interested in gated communities. If you happen to live in one of these areas, be sure to emphasize both the luxury and safety features of your home.
  • Making sure your home is properly clean and organized is crucial in attracting potential home buyers. Things like photos, personal awards, electronics etc. take away from the overall appearance of your home, so be sure to put those away when people are looking at the house. It’s not a bad idea to hire a professional cleaning service either.
  • Many home buyers are extremely interested in “green” or environmentally friendly elements in houses. When setting up your home for potential buyers, try some DIY crafts with recycled goods or add natural elements like flowers or leaves to add a very fresh vibe.

While it’s great to have a “for sale” sign on your lawn, that isn’t enough to really sell a home in today’s modern society. Research shows that an astonishing 96% of home buyers actually use the Internet when looking for homes. This is a significant increase from only 28% in 2000 and 62% in 2005. Placing an ad online for your house can easily attract new potential buyers and allows you to set up a simple, effective way to convey information about the home beforehand.

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