Three Steps to Find a Replacement Remote

Tv remote replacements

Most modern television viewers likely can’t imagine watching their favorite show without using television remote controls. At this point, these convenient devices have been around for generations, allowing us to adjust volume levels, change the channel and more without constantly having to stand up and do it by hand. Unfortunately, this familiar luxury can be difficult to live without if your TV remote controls are lost or broken. Because of this, at some point or another, you will likely have to purchase replacement TV remotes. But how do you find a new device that is compatible with your television and as easy to use as your previous remote? Read on to find out how to find and buy the right replacement TV remotes for your entertainment system and home.

Check the Brand
Most television sets come with a remote control which is manufactured by the same company. As a result, if you have a Toshiba television, for example, you will likely have used a Toshiba remote control since you purchased it. While it is possible to find replacement TV remotes that are compatible with your set despite brand differences, looking for the same brand as your television is an easy way to find a device that will work.

Look for the TV Remote Codes
If you still have your broken remote, check the exterior for the TV remote code; if you can’t find it, it may be under the battery cover instead. The remote code may also be found in the user manual or online if you have lost your device. If worse comes to worst, you can even contact your television’s manufacturer to ask. No matter how you find it, as long as you have this code, you will be able to find a replacement remote that will work with your television set.

Search and Purchase
Once you have the brand and the television remote code, you can purchase a new remote at any number of places. For example, you could contact your television manufacturer and request a new one, although this is usually the more expensive option. Likewise, you could visit a local store or search online. In fact, online retailers who specialize in replacement TV remotes may be the best choice, as they often have the largest inventories and greatest variety. Because of this, it may even be possible to find the exact model that you broke or lost, making it easier to adjust to your new remote. Once you have ordered and received your device, all that is left is for you to start programming your remote and return to watching your favorite show!