Three Ways to Reduce the Costs of Moving

Relocation movers

Did you know that according to estimates by the Census Bureau, there are more than 36 million Americans who relocate each and every year, with the average person moving nearly 12 times during their lifetime. These moves can be quite stressful, too. While local moving companies can provide tons of help with relocations that reduce this stress, there might be some steep costs involved.

According to data from the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of interstate household move is around $5,630, while an intrastate move costs $1,170 for a three-bedroom, single-family house. This would lead people to consider finding the cheapest local moving services, but they might treat your breakables like they’re a soccer ball.

Thankfully, with a little savvy advice, it’s possible to get high-quality, low cost local moving services to work for you. Here’s a few tips for moving to help you get competent movers without gouging your budget.

1. Time Your Move Perfectly.

If you want to get quality local moving services cheaper, you need to time things correctly. Making your move during the off-season could save a lot of money. Movers’ off-season is any month other than June or July, and any time other than the first and last of the month.

It also pays to book local moving services early. The sooner you book, the less likely the movers will charge a higher rate. Local moving services might charge extra for the inconvenience of slotting in your last minute move. While it’s not always the case, it is always better to book early.

2. Be Selective With What You Want Professionally Moved.

Appliances sometimes require special handling and packaging to make sure that they arrive in working condition. While the natural reaction would be to move these heavy loads yourself, it will pay off in the long run to just let the local moving services take care of it. Instead, you can offset this additional cost by reducing the amount of other, non-heavy, unessential things. You can either move these items yourself, get ride of them at a garage sale, or donate them to charity. The less extraneous weight, the less money local moving services will charge.

3. Be Flexible About Your Time.

While it might be more convenient for you to have the movers pick your stuff up and deliver it at a certain time, it might be more cost-efficient to work within their time frame because they’ll give you a price break in exchange. Just remember to have your move in and move out dates determined before booking your movers, so that you know how flexible you can really be.

It’s not difficult to get high-quality, low cost local moving services, but it does take a bit of planning and negotiating. If you follow these moving tips and tricks though, you’ll do just fine. Check out this site for more.