The Violent History of Family Game Night

Hasbro family game night

Since the beginning of time, families have loved to host family game nights in which each member of the family competes in order to determine which family member is the most adept at a particular game.

In the past, these family game nights were rather violent and dangerous. For example, in Mexico in the early middle ages, families played ball games on family game night. Although these ball games might sound like great family game night ideas, they rarely ended nicely, as the loser of the ball game was often sacrificed to the gods for his or her incompetence. Therefore, in the past, family game night was often a traumatic event.

Today, family game night has become considerably gentler. Thousands of American families view family game night not as an opportunity to destroy one another; instead, they view it as an opportunity to bond with one another. The games themselves have become gentler as well. Whereas families used to play complicated and physically exhausting ball games, they now play board games and video games.

For many American families, Hasbro family game night (or Hasbor family game night 3, as it is sometimes called by families who contain at least one illiterate member) is a fun way to pass the time. These families enjoy board games because they provide a convenient excuse for families to gather around the large oak kitchen or dining room table and roll some dice. These families especially enjoy rolling the dice because it lets them pretend that they are big rollers on the Las Vegas gaming circuit.

Other families prefer to play video games. These families favor video games over board games in part because they have not totally suppressed their violent instincts that they shared with their ancient relatives. However, unlike those ancient relatives, these families recognize that it is not socially acceptable to murder your children on family game night. Therefore, they turn to video games because they provide a healthy outlet for these violent urges that nobody has totally managed to suppress.