Trying to Have More Family Time? Here are Three Ideas for Family Game Nights

Hub family game night

Do you spend enough time with your kids? Recent studies by Pew Research show that 46 percent of fathers feel they are not spending enough time with their children, and 23 percent of mothers feel the same. This is not surprising, given that mothers, on average, spend twice as much time with their children as fathers do. Many families are considering various family game night ideas in order to increase the amount of time they spend together.

Family time is important, not only for forming bonds between family members but giving children a sense of stability and enjoyment in being a part of their familial unit. It is important for parents as well, since not communicating with each other and their children is often a source of adult stress. Family game nights, held once a week or on another schedule of your choosing, are often a great way to bring the family together in a fun and low stress environment. Here are some family game night ideas for your to consider.

First, physical activity can often be fun, especially for families who have little kids with a lot of energy. Games like bowling, swimming, go karts, mini golf and more can make for an enjoyable night together. If you want to save money and stay in, you can even have a Wii family game night and play some of the more interactive Wii games.

Second, Hasbro Family game night 4 is a video game intended for families. It includes classic Hasbro games such as Battleship, Boggle, Connect Four, Scrabble, Sorry!, and Yahtzee. The game has received many favorable reviews from critics, and all the games have traditional and advanced ways to play them. The game is hosted by Mr. Potato Head. It is basically a collection of family game night ideas put into one accessible game.

Third, family game night ideas can also be as simple as using a deck of cards to wile away the evening. Card playing often relies on strategy and planning, good skills for kids to practice, while helping to make the game enjoyable for adults as well. Learning card games is also a time honored tradition between parents and children.