The Beauty of Small Town Living

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We were visiting my Grandma and Grandpa Lambrecht when my brother Carl and I were so young we were not even in school yet. Since we were already so close to town we asked if we could go to the rest of the way in to swim. Mom said, “No.”
In spite of her answer, we got our suits when no one was looking, Carl rolled them in our towels, and we headed out of the farm, along the highway toward town. We got as far as the guard rails and realized that the approximate seven miles to town was a longer walk than we could accomplish. We turned around and walked back to Grandma and Grandpa’s. I doubt if our mother was even aware that we had run away!

The story about running away that your Grandmother told about the small town where she grew up has always made you smile. Perhaps it was that smile, and other similar ones, that made you look at the real estate offerings in the small town where your grandmother grew up. You wanted to walk past the same places that made both you and your grandmother smile.
Location is everything. In fact, you realize that it is important to make sure that the location you find works for you. Whether you are looking for a real estate location that is close to your past family memories or you are looking for a location that is close to school or work, finding the right place is nearly as important as any other factor.
Real estate agents can help their clients find the houses that will fill the expectations that they are looking for. Without the help of an agent, in fact, it can be very difficult to have a successful home search, especially if you are looking in an unfamiliar small town or large city.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the real estate industry and the clients who are looking for both rental and purchase properties:

  • 48% of buyers look for homes that have never been lived in, according to Zillow. These buyers are looking for a home that will not require maintenance or the replacement of appliances.
  • 56% of millennials and 46% of baby boomers prefer to live in neighborhoods that are more walkable, including paths and trails and within walking distance to schools and shopping.
  • 32% of people looking to buy new homes are first time home buyers.
  • When it comes to listing a house, 90% of real estate agents encourage homeowners to invest in landscaping before they try to sell.
  • 560,000 homes were sold in the U.S, in the year 2016.
  • 78% of recent buyers indicate that their real estate agent was a very useful source of information.

Whether you are looking to purchase a large home in a small town or wanting to rent a small apartment in a large city, it is always important to make sure that you work with local real estate agents to find a property that is in the right location and at the right price.