Texas and California Are So Hot Right Now

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They say that “everything is bigger in Texas,” and right now, the state’s population is getting bigger and bigger every day. Austin is, without a doubt, the fastest growing city in the United States. No other city even comes close to the recent boom Austin has seen.

Austin’s warm weather, trendy restaurants, walkable neighborhoods, and excellent job market all combine to create one magnificent super-town for young professionals across the country. Austin also has an unbelievably low unemployment rate (3.3%) and is home to many burgeoning tech startups.

Recent trends are showing Texas and California as two of the most attractive areas for millennials as they complete college and move up into the real world. College graduates are highly likely to move from one state to another, and 77% have changed communities at least once. As the school year wraps up and the Class of ’16 takes that big step into adulthood, they are going to be moving somewhere, and most likely to places with the best job opportunities.

When it comes to the job market today, California is huge. Tech companies are scattered all around the state, and as the tech industry grows, more opportunities open up. Aside from San Francisco, the home of Google and Twitter, San Diego is one of the five fastest growing cities in the United States this year. San Diego moving services and furniture delivery companies can expect to have a very busy summer.

The average American moves 12 times during his or her life, and 33% of renters move every year, so the population flow is likely to shift over time as people age and new industries grow. Right now Austin and San Diego are hot spots literally and figuratively, and they are looking pretty tempting to the country’s 43.5 million millennials.

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