Sweet Sixteen Parties are Classic, But Many Teenaged Boys are Hosting “Sour Sixteens”

Tent accessories

Every teenager whose parents are planning a “Sweet Sixteen” party has different ideas about what the perfect party would look like. While for some teens, a DJ and dance floor are essential, other teens want to celebrate in a smaller venue with close friends and family. Some teens want an outdoor party or a themed event, while others still are looking for a “destination Sweet Sixteen” at a beach or family-friendly resort.

For parents who may spend thousands on a Sweet Sixteen party, the details are the most important thing. Finding attractive invitations and making sure everyone is invited, finding color-coordinated linen rentals and flowers at a great price, and having plenty of photo opportunities for family who may travel long distances to attend the party make up parents’ lists of “must-haves” at a Sweet Sixteen event.

Many parents, in search of ways to cut costs yet still provide an elegant evening for friends and family, choose to host Sweet Sixteen parties at their homes. Backyard tent rentals for a backyard event can often accommodate hundreds of guests, if need be, and many party rental companies offer tent and chair rental, along with linen rentals and other party equipment rentals that can lend a festive touch to any large event.

While some parents choose to enlist family members to cater the event, others turn to professional caterers. In an effort to make the event memorable, some parents set up special photograph sessions during the party; an area that has a printed backdrop can be used to take photographs. When it comes time to write thank-you notes to guests, those special pictures can be printed and mailed to family and friends.

Although the vast majority of Sweet Sixteen parties are thrown for teenaged girls, recently more boys are asking for “Sour Sixteen” parties. Some teenaged boys decide to throw a large-scale paintball or video game party, foregoing traditional events in favor of good humor and fun. As long as guests are happy and all the details are taken care of, parents report that they are willing to consider alternatives to traditional Sweet Sixteen parties.