How Clothing Donations Are Helping Families and the Environment

Donating clothing to charity

Most Americans have become accustomed to the routine of regularly buying new clothes. Some people may be attempting to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends, while others may simply be shopaholics. Unfortunately, once a closet becomes packed full, clothes may start being thrown into the trash.

Given the current focus on climate change and environmental conservation, it is surprising that people don’t find alternative methods for getting rid of old clothes. The world is in a race to find renewable sources of energy as well as making a point to recycle paper and plastics. However, textiles is for some reason often overlooked as being harmful to the environment.

The average person generates around 4.5 pounds of trash each day, this amounts to about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an estimated 75% of this solid waste is recyclable. Unfortunately, only 30% of it is actually recycled.

When considering clothes, about 90% of all clothing and textiles thrown out in the United States back in 2011, could have been recycled or reused. Rather than simply chucking them in the garbage, clothing donations are a great way to remove textiles from being thrown into a landfill, while also offering them to people and families in need.

With the current economic climate, there are an unfortunate amount of people who must live within modest means. Any expenses that can be avoided can have a substantial impact on their well-being. Clothes can make up a large portion of expenses, especially for those with children.

Giving charity donations are currently far more accessible than ever before. besides just organizations that accept clothing donations, there are entities that will actually pick up clothing donations to make the process even easier.

Charitable donations can not only improve our overall environmental impact, but can help people and their families who are in need. What do you do with your old clothing?