Styling A Brand New Bedroom Tips for Achieving a Timeless Look

When first moving into a new home, the decorating process can feel both exciting and overwhelming.

If you wish to achieve a more timeless look—something that will never go out of style for many years to come—continue reading. Creating this look is a matter of selecting the right pieces and colors for the room. With the right knowledge, you’ll no doubt make your master bedroom a space you’ll never want to leave.

Find the perfect bedroom set

Buying a bedroom set has many benefits. It ensures that all of your furniture matches. It also adds cohesion and peace to the room. Buying a new set also means that your pieces are brand new and will last a lifetime with proper care. Find a bedroom furniture set that includes all of the bedroom essentials like

  • a bedframe
  • bedroom dresser
  • nightstand(s)

Select a design that is eye-catching, but not too trendy. Styles come and go as fast and easily as seasons change.

Select the right colors for the walls

More than one-third of respondents in a 2017 interior design survey said they preferred to keep the walls a neutral color. Avoid stark white, but look at colors with a bit more warmth. These colors include beige, eggshell, cream, gray, pewter, and sand. Selecting a nice neutral adds dimension to the room, but also keeps it nice and calm at the same time.

However, keeping the walls neutral does not mean you have to keep them colorless. Paint a statement wall to add some extra color.

Infuse some personality to the room

Timeless does not have to mean boring.

Infuse your personality in subtle and elegant ways. If you love music, frame and display your favorite records or keep a record player in the corner. Or, if you’re a big reader, buy an elegant bookshelf and arrange all of your favorites titles onto the shelves.

Keep things organized at all time

Nothing says classy, like keeping things clean. Make sure to keep your bedroom organized and tidy. If you keep a desk in the bedroom, clear off any papers and miscellaneous objects every night.

Additionally, add extra drawers, bins, and cabinets throughout the room for more storage if you need it.

Find the perfect rug

Adding the perfect rug is the best way to tie the room together. Consider the size, texture, and color of the rug before making your selection. You want it to add some balance to your master bedroom and not to throw everything off.

A classic approach to design will ensure your room never goes out of style

If you have recently moved into a new home, and feel a classic style will suit your tastes best, follow a few of these tips. Decorating from scratch can feel overwhelming when you have a million other responsibilities as a homeowner. However, purchasing the perfect bedroom set and rug, selecting neutral colors is the best way to minimize the stress and bring your vision to life.