Security Camera Solutions Without WiFi

When owning a home or a small business, a proper security system can be crucial in protecting your assets. While security camera solutions may seem simple, in areas without easy internet access they become more of a challenge. Understanding how to install cameras without WiFi is essential.

The first thing you could do is get a security camera system that supports local live viewing. This involves setting up the cameras, connecting them to an NVR, and then connecting the NVR to a monitor.

Video Source

This can be done in a way that only records during a set time, when motion is detected, 24-hour monitoring, or in a few other ways depending on the specific system. This requires no internet access to operate, however, comes with the drawback of needing to be present and able to view the monitor.

The next solution could be to get a 4G security camera. 4G security cameras are able to provide a network themselves after a sim card is inserted into the camera. This does not work with every brand of camera, as it must be a device with 4G capabilities. These offer additional features, such as real-time alerts.

For additional information on security camera solutions, please review the attached video.