Prepare Your Child for College and a Meaningful Career With a Private High School Education

Since many parents are now choosing to send their children to private schools, it’s not surprising that 25% of the schools within this country are private. While each family may have specific reasons for sending their children to a private school, some may have been disappointed with the quality of education and support provided by the public school system. There are noticeable differences when children receive a private versus a public school education.

Some Differences Between Public and Private Schools

According to a survey with teachers and counselors from both public and private schools, there are some significant differences between these educational experiences. Apathy, for example, was cited as a problem for 21% of public school teachers. Just four percent of private school teachers, however, indicated that this was an issue for their students.

Another public school issue is an absence of parental involvement. While 24% of public school teachers indicated that this was a problem, just three percent of private school teachers reported that this was the case. Perhaps one of the many reasons for this is that private schools actually encourage parental participation.

College-related counseling is essential for students to prepare for an advanced education. Public high school counselors have reported that they spend just 22% of their time providing this type of counseling. Private school counselors, however, indicated that they spend approximately 55% of their time assisting students in this regard.

Some Other Advantages of Attending Private Schools

More non-parochial private high school than public high school graduates are accepted into four-year institutions. When comparing these two groups of students, 95% of the former and 49% of the latter go to post-secondary institutions. One of the reasons for this success rate is due to higher SAT scores. The national average for all schools within the United States is 1060. Private schools have a national average of about 1235.

Learn More About the Benefits of Private High School

As a dedicated parent, you want your high school student to exceed scholastically and be prepared to enter college. Furthermore, you also want them to choose and excel within a meaningful career. Given this, there’s an excellent chance that you’ve been searching for the best private education available in your area. Once you schedule a consultation with the best private schools, you’ll be able to learn more about the benefits of prep schools and gain other beneficial information.