Plan a Sunset Beach Wedding – You and Your Guests Will Love It!

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There is nothing like imagining the perfect wedding day. All your guests are in the best attire, your bridal party is outfitted with elegant, yet fun dresses, and your groom is as handsome as ever. The venue’s decor matches the classiness of all of your outfits, the lighting mimics the most beautiful wedding places in the world, and every decoration is in place.

But the stress of trying to nail down every detail of your wedding can be overwhelming, anxiety-provoking, and down right unbearable, making it hard to envision anything but pulling your hair out. If you are feeling the strain of planning a local wedding that pleases everyone in you and your spouse-to-be’s family, consider researching destination wedding places to give your wedding a twist.

About a quarter of all weddings in the United States in 2012 were destination weddings, which is defined by Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine wedding as wedding held at least 200 miles from where you live. Guests typically have to stay at the destination for at least a day or two, and may have to make hotel reservations. While this might seem like a lot to ask of your guests, you might want to think about how much it will alleviate your own headaches.

One of the most glaring benefits to selecting destination wedding places is cost-effectiveness. In many cases, couples choose exquisitely scenic locations, such as Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, the Bahamas, or even Cape Cod to host their ceremony. The scenery itself can act as the main decoration at your wedding and save you thousands of dollars on floral arrangements, lighting, and even a closed-off venue. Most tropical destination wedding resorts offer outdoor wedding places that include al fresco places to have a wedding reception as well. Your guests can be seated at simple chairs and tables that do not have to be extravagantly decorated because of the beauty that surrounds you.

Your guests will also appreciate being able to watch your wedding, and also enjoy the crashing tides behind you, if you have a beach wedding. This also means that you do not have to necessarily entertain them all night. Other than a little mood music, and some soft lighting, beach destination wedding places give your guests enough to do to keep themselves busy. This saves you time on planning different activities pre and post-wedding. Your guests can go diving, snorkeling, and exploring in the ocean if they want.

Your honeymoon can also just be an extension of your wedding. If you and your spouse-to-be want to vacation in the tropics after your nuptials, why not move your destination wedding
there too? Not only do you save money on travel, but you may already have a resort booked from your wedding, and you can always stay there, or make the short trip to another one close by. Your guests can leave whenever they please, and the both of you can have all the privacy you need for a perfect honeymoon.

Destination wedding resorts offer some of the most unique wedding places in the world, and relieve a lot of the stress that comes with planning a wedding. It might take a little leg work on your part to set it up, but you will enjoy the experience thoroughly. More.