Personal Healthcare 101 Common Questions About Urgent Care And Emergency Rooms Answered

Emergency room

You have enough to think about in any given week without adding emergencies to the list. When you’ve been injured or found yourself overcome with an illness you just can’t seem to shake, the benefits of a 24 hour walk in clinic can mean the difference between a quick recovery and an unnecessary load of stress. You deserve healthcare that is convenient, accessible and, most of all, applicable to what you need at any given moment. This means differentiating between an emergency room, an urgent care center, a 24 hour walk in clinic and any hybrid models that may be available in your area.

Seem like a lot to take in? Don’t worry. The list below will keep things simple as you get your healthcare, and your day-to-day sanity, in order once more.

I Have Abdominal Pain. Which Place Do I Choose?

A common concern that sees millions of people seeking out the aid of medical services is that of abdominal pain. Not only is this a frustrating issue, it can be difficult to discern your abdominal pain causes. Is it something you ate? Perhaps it’s the onset of too much unchecked stress. Whichever it may be, you’re best off visiting a 24 hour walk in clinic. These are open all day long and provide trained professionals that can give you solutions or referrals as needed.

The average reimbursement for an urgent care visit has been found to hit $100 per patient. Compare this to $300 for the emergency room, many visits of which could have been easily avoided with a little extra knowledge.

I Have A Severe Allergic Reaction. Where Do I Go For Help?

Not every situation calls for a 24 hour walk in clinic, however, and you need to know the difference so you can stay safe. Some issues are more serious and need immediate attention. When you’ve had an allergic reaction to food or medication, the emergency room is the resource you need to get it under control. An allergic reaction can take many forms, though the most common (and life-threatening) are difficulty breathing, swelling of the mouth and tongue, shaking, inability to focus and severe chest pain.

Emergency room visits estimate 110 million every single year. Remember to double-check when your emergency care resources are open so you can get the help you need fast.

I Need To Get Vaccinated. Who Should I See?

Preventative care is important, too. This way you can save yourself days, even weeks, of being ill under the covers and missing out on work or school. Your urgent care clinic can provide you STD screenings, vaccinations and general check-ups to make sure you’re always at your best. When flu season comes around, it’s important you get your flu shot as soon as possible to stay healthy and keep others around you from catching an infection. The elderly, those with immune system disorders and children are at the highest risk for flu complications.

Either a physician or a group of physicians owns half of all urgent care centers. Rest assured you’ll have the quality care you need at a cost you can manage.

What About Hybrid Urgent Care And Emergency Room Models?

When you want a little extra convenience with your healthcare, there are hybrid models potentially available near you. These combine the ease of the urgent care clinic with the immediacy of an emergency room, checking two off the list without extra work on your part. Always double-check, however, as each clinic is still unique and provides different hours, different insurance coverage and different physicians. Americans have been relying more and more on 24 hour access to care over the past decade, with estimates seeing a 22% increase.

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a convenient quality and cost waiting to be found.