Perfect Spring Accents for Family Rooms

Spring is finally here, and with the warmer temperature and the blooming of flowers comes a bold new season to inspire your home decor. Your family room is the perfect place to start decorating for spring! Whether you add a few side elements, or completely rearrange and redecorate, every family room deserves a bit of spring cleaning. This video provides 5 easy ways to decorate your home this spring, along with texture motifs that are on trend right now.

One of the most popular additions to a cozy family room is a photo of your loved ones. Utilizing a custom picture framing professional, you can get the perfect collage frame or shadow box to complement your room’s decor. Synthetic flowers accented with moss details are very popular during the spring months.

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Pastels, especially purple and blue, reflect the freshness of spring perfectly. Galvanized buckets, containers, and planters add a rustic and vintage flare to your room. Succulents and aloe plants are popular office decorations for this season. Don’t forget to be creative when re-imagining your home this spring.