Looking For Church Steeples

Pulpit furniture

Church steeples have long signaled the presence of a place that offered protection, respite, comfort and fellowship with one another. Even though church pews were not a fixture in churches before the 13th century, people still used the buildings as a way to connect with others. In fact, for more than 1,000 years, people did not sit in churches since there was very little in the way of church furniture. Instead, they were able to walk around at their leisure and talk with others when they desired to do so.

Up until the early to mid 20th century, many churches in the Catholic, Presbyterian and Anglican faiths offered their church pews for sale or rent. This was viewed as a viable way to raise funds for the church. Today, Americans state that they at least attend church on an occasional basis. A Gallup poll showed that 68 percent of them claim to do so. With this much of a majority who visit a church on a regular basis, it is no wonder that seeing church steeples brings a sense of peace and wonder that are so sorely needed in the world today. Find out more at this site: www.kivetts.com