Is Your Property in Need of a Professional Landscaper?

Commercial lawn maintenance companies and residential landscaping company workers take on many unique roles across the nation. Completely dependent on the weather and the climate, there are many times when a landscaping company can have a very positive impact on a property. From a business with a well manicured lawn that convinces customers appearances matter to a home with vibrantly colored flowered gardens, the work of a landscaping company often impacts first impressions.

Landscape management is a popular field of study for many individuals who want to combine their creativity with their love of being outdoors. And while there are many engineering majors who are happy to spend their days inside the office behind the desk, engineers who make the decision to work for a landscaping company can find that they are getting the best of both worlds.

Both Residential and Commercial Landscape Management Can Add to th eValue of a Property
Whether you are a first time home owner or a long time business owner, it is important to understand the role that landscaping can play in the value of your property. From visual appeal to providing energy savings and limiting environmental risks, the kind of landscaping that you have can make a big difference.

The landscaping industry employed more than one million people in the year 2018, and there are many indications that this is a number that will continue to grow. As many parts of the country experience unusual weather events, including record high and low temperatures, there are many property owners who are looking for a way to adjust the kinds of landscaping that they use. Likewise, as a growing number of communities deal with limited access to water for their lawns, more and more communities are enforcing strict wartering restrictions. This means, of course, that hardscaping techniques are becoming increasingly common in some parts of the country.

Consider these facts and figures about the many ways that landscaping can impact a property:

  • 33% of landscaping companies in 2016 reported landscape maintenance as their fastest growing service.
  • The latest research indicates that spending as little as 5% of a home’s value on landscaping may yield a return on investment (ROI) of as much as 150%.
  • In fact, in many parts of the country, landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value of a home.
  • 83% of Americans think having a yard is important, and 90% of those with a yard think it is also important that it is well-maintained.
  • In the year 2017 the landscaping services industry brought in total revenue of approximately $84 billion.
  • The time they are a changing. And while there are many things about home maintenance that are different than they were 20 years ago, landscaping remains important. Knowing, for instance, that your well maintained yard can add to the cur appeal of your home remains a given. And for business owners who live in a location where water is in short supply, keeping a well maintained appearance is still important. Fortunately, with the use of the latest hardscaping techniques that have been developed and the incorporation of plants that thrive without water many businesses can still make a great first impression.

    As the engineering field continues to expand, many workers who are searching for ways to combine their creative design energies with the great outdoors find that landscaping is a perfect career. With knowledge of the latest environmentally friendly products and hardscaping trends, in fact, a architectural engineer can help both residential and commercial clients find the perfect look.

    If you have recently bought or sold a home or business in the last decade then you likely will not be surprised that as many as 90% of real estate agents encourage homeowners to invest in landscaping prior to selling. This means that for the foreseeable future landscaping engineers, companies, and workers will be needed. In a career that combines an artful eye and a heart for sometimes difficult manual labor, landscaping is a career that continues to attract a number of people. Will you be one of them? Will you be one of the people trying to solve landscaping challenges, in spite of access to limited amounts of water and other resources?