Have A Closet Full Of Clothes That You Don’t Know What To Do With?

Are you not part of the 70% of people who give to charities every year? If you’re not do you know the benefits that come along with American red cross donations? Did you know that you could be benefiting yourself as well as others? If you’re responding no to any of these questions than perhaps it is time to take into consideration that your old clothing is simply filling the landfill instead of taking care of other people or even putting more money in your pocket. Or putting more money towards filling your closet with brand new clothes and creating the cycle all over again.

Benefits To Others

With your American Red Cross donations you’re taking old clothing and donating them to better causes. With red cross clothing donations you’re going through your old and unused clothing that is still in great shape but you’re just tired of and giving it a new life, to someone who could use the nice warm clothes on their backs. Giving these clothing to other people means that someone may have that perfect outfit for their interview and a renewed sense of getting back on their feet and bing alright again.

Or even when you donate used children’s clothes you’re giving that brand new outfit for a child to go to school in so that they aren’t made fun of for having them same clothes all the time. You could be saving a child from being made fun of, stigmatized, or picked on for what their parents may be struggling to afford in life. Your used clothing donations are a second chance for those who need them, and a new sense of being for children who might not have had the chance to have such items beforehand.

Landfill Reduction

By going through the items in your home and donating your used clothing you’re reducing some of that ten pounds of clothing that every American sends to the landfill each year. Clothing can take forever to degrade, and by constantly going through your closet instead of adding to the junk that is tossed out you’ll find yourself going green and giving more people a chance to find clothes that they like and breathe new life into those items you may not have used beforehand. Going green is never frowned upon, in fact more often than not such good deeds are rewarded.

Tax Deductible

Finally, one of the other points that comes along when you have American Red Cross donations is that you find yourself with a tax break when it comes to tax time. Donating to charity can give you a nice hefty break at the end of the year that you may not have been expecting or could really need. Donating clothes to Red Cross helps more than just those in need when it helps you too by giving you a break with those terrible taxes that no one ever wants to think about. How is saving yourself money ever a bad thing?

American Red Cross donations are always beneficial to more than just one person. If you find yourself with a closet full of clothes that you don’t know what to do with and just don’t enjoy anymore than perhaps it is time to go through them and find a better home for those items that you once loved. Donate clothes and help out those who are less fortunate, but also make room to buy new clothes and start the process all over again. For those who love to shop and look for any excuse to pick up a few new items now is your chance to go through and donate clothes to Red Cross associates who are standing by ready to go through your things and give them to those who could really use them.