Grilling What Seperates Us From the Foodies

Patio set

Since when did food become so serious? We all like to eat, but self-described “foodies” won’t eat a lobster tail unless it was sous-vide with clarified butter on top of an arugula salad. Normal eaters like us don’t need all the fancy fixings, we just need to eat good fresh food prepared in our own backyards. Let the foodies keep their truffle risotto: I’ll just have a steak on the grill.

America’s Favorite Way to Cook

Up to 80% of households own a outdoor barbecue, grill, or smoker of some kind to compliment the natural flavor of meats and vegetables with a flame-seared kiss. When it comes to grilling, veteran grillers know to season lightly and let the food speak for itself. Different kinds of grills have different benefits depending on the griller’s preference. Up to 61% of those who own a grill have easy-to-use gas grills, 41% use a charcoal grill to enhance the smoky-factor, and just 10% use an electric grill for indoor grilling. Although gas grills are the most popular it seems, everyone has a unique preference that can be identified at a grill store thanks to seasoned staff.

The Best Time to Grill

While any time is a good time to light up the grill, summer holidays are naturally the busiest time for grilling due to the seasonably warm weather enjoyed throughout the country. Winter holidays are starting to become excuses to grill too though with Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Super Bowl Sunday leading the pack. Deep frying a turkey was so 2012 — about 15% of people cook their turkeys on the grills now. Don’t confine the easiest and tastiest way to cook to a season: 60% of grill owners brave the elements to use their grills year-round!

A Home for Every Grill

Its sad how many people have underutilized backyard space. A grill is the perfect excuse to use a backyard with nearly half of all grill owners viewing their outdoor grilling area as a necessary extension of their home cooking area. Climate control doesn’t have to be limited to indoors: patio heaters can help generate heat to keep patio furniture sets toasty warm for guests regardless of the temperature. Even foodies can appreciate the rustic simplicity of a char-grilled meal — at least I hope! Read more.