Fruit Basket Vs Floral Arrangement Choosing The Best Way To Say ‘I Love You’ On Mother’s Day

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Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, it seems there’s something new to celebrate every time you turn around. What’s the best way to show your appreciation in 2018?

Fruit basket vs floral arrangement is a debate that gets kicked up every time the new year comes around, with one camp going for the classic approach while others prefer a practical touch to the deal. Whatever you choose, trust that a florist will be able to set you up with a gift that’ll be remembered. Mother’s Day celebrates the tenacity, compassion and good humor of mothers. Valentine’s Day is a great time to show both significant others and close friends how much they mean to you. A thoughtful gift, no matter the occasion, is best done when there’s layered meaning and a solid presentation.

The Symbolism Of Flowers

Flowers have been used to communicate sentiment for thousands of years. Yes, thousands! Ancient paintings and sculptures have detailed the fluctuating symbolism of flowers throughout human history, varying based on culture, religion and ethnicity. The same flower can have dozens of interpretations depending on where you are, even down to the color! White is commonly associated with innocence and purity in the West, for example, while the color is frequently used to represent death and passing in many Eastern countries. A little baby’s breath for a baby shower or tulips for a birthday can communicate much more beyond the surface!

Mother’s Day

When May comes around, it can only mean one thing…and that’s May flowers! A recent survey found Mother’s Day accounting for one-fourth of the floral purchases made during the holidays. Around a third of all American adults either bought flowers or plants as gifts back during 2015, so don’t feel like you’re going too old-school when you contact a florist. “Fruit basket vs floral arrangement?” is a good question to ask if you’ve already sent flowers in the past, as a fruit basket is both a tasty and unique gift that’s sure to shake things up the right way.

Valentine’s Day

If there’s any other better time to ask, “Fruit basket vs floral arrangement?”, it’s Valentine’s Day. Buying tasty treats is par for the course on this special day and a fruit basket can kill two birds with one stone as you figure out whether to buy dark chocolate or caramel. Fruit is delicious when dipped into melted chocolate, particularly strawberries and oranges, and can add a healthy bent to an otherwise indulgent holiday. Contrary to popular belief, men love to receive Valentine’s flowers, too! The American Society Of Florists found over 37% of women bought a bouquet for their spouse.

Birthday Party

Got a birthday? Get some birthday flowers! Flowers are a meaningful gift because of their delicate appearance and hidden meaning, always a surefire way to put a smile on anyone’s face. Tulips are a cute choice for any floral arrangements, though it’s important to keep in mind they boast a very short lifespan of three to seven days. Still not convinced of the popularity of flowers? A recent survey even found 15% of American women actively sending themselves flowers on February. What does this mean for your own fruit basket vs floral arrangement tiebreaker?

Choosing A Florist

A florist will offer the right anniversary flowers or fruit basket for any occasion. Thanks to a survey provided by the National Retail Federation, over 65% of people celebrating Mother’s Day will buy their mother flowers. Back in 2016 that was over $2 billion in spending! A florist will be able to go over with you the nature of the event, any symbolism you want to include in your bouquet and how large the arrangement (or arrangements) will be. Additional details like allergies and long-term care (there are ways to make flowers last longer!) can also be discussed to create the best gift yet.

Fruit basket vs floral arrangement? Either way, you’re in good hands!