Does Your Neighborhood Have a Home Owner’s Association?

Every May, like clockwork, the association management sends out their bill. You love everything about your home and the neighborhood where you live, but the home association management newsletter can be frustrating.
First of all, the annual dues continues to increase. Second of all , The mailbox that you have continues to leak even though you have reported it to VE home association management team for a number of years. This year, however, you Val to not pay your dues until the mailbox issue is remedied.
Depending on where you live, a home owners association can play a pretty significant role in the life that you live. A real estate company might offer the best advice when you are getting ready to purchase a new home as to how involved the home owners group may be in a particular neighborhood.
What Role Does Your Home Owners Association Management Team Play in Your Neighborhood?
In most cases a homeowners group exists as part of the neighborhood with its goal being the upkeep and maintenance of the development and oversight of any kind of protective covenants. For instance, in some neighborhoods all lots are subject to protective covenants and all dues are mandatory in order to support the continued upkeep and value of shared public spaces as well as residential property values.
Again, depending upon the kind of neighborhood you live in other areas of concern may include such things as speed bumps, holiday lights, entrance upgrades, and mailboxes.
Annual Meetings

In order to give all homeowners a voice, these association groups will hold annual meetings. In addition to serving as of source of information, these meetings also provide an opportunity for residence in a given neighborhood to volunteer for certain committees where they will be able to voice their opinion‘s and to throw their name in to be considered as part of the directing board.
Landscaping and Grounds
To ensure homeowners get the most value for the most competitive cost, landscaping and grounds of all public spaces within a neighborhood are often part of the homeowners association‘s role. For instance, in a neighborhood in the Midwest the GroupMe closely monitor certain kinds of trees like scotch pines that are showing early signs of Pinewille disease. Buy tracking these signs the home owners group can remove any diseased trees and avoid the further spread of the problem.
Another important role of any homeowners group is the enforcement of protective covenants. All members who have made the decision to buy a house in a selected area will be encouraged to read through the governance and understand the rules that apply. The most common violation that needs to be dealt with in most neighborhoods has to do with on maintained parked cars, trailers, boats, or motorhomes that are parked too long at a home.
Other important roles include the approval of building, remodeling, or adding on to the exterior of the home. It is always recommended that individual homeowners seek approval from the homeowners association prior to construction to ensure that a project adheres to the covenants and architectural requirements of the group. Doing so can you help homeowners save costly problems down the road in case their additions do not meet the standards of the group.
Other Activities
In an effort to provide an attractive neighborhood some associations work to add certain features like tree line to streets. In fact, one of the best features of some high selling suburban neighborhoods is when all of the neighborhood streets are tree-lined. These trees provide great curb appeal and distinguish a neighborhood from many others. The trees in the boulevard of each home, however, are often The responsibility of the homeowners in case a tree or trees would need to be replaced.
Other activities that a homeowners association may organize might include neighborhood garage sales, family movie nights, and summer bike parades. As an effort to help neighbors get to know one another these events also make neighborhoods in even the largest of cities feel like friendly small towns.
If you are in the process of looking at homes for sale it is important that you understand the rules of any governing home owner’s association group.