Avoid Annoying TV Remote Codes with Replacement Remotes

Universal remote codes

Remotes have been a thorn in the side of millions of Americans for as long as any of us can remember. Over half of American families have at least four devices in the living room alone that require a remote control, and they quickly end up lost or broken before we ever have a chance to enjoy our new device.

Thankfully, replacement TV remotes are available to expedite the process of taking back your TV watching freedom. We all have that one random universal remote in the drawer that doesn’t even have the same functions as the device we bought it for. With original replacements, set-up is quick, easy, and there’s no messing around with TV remote codes. Here’s a few quick notes on losing your remote, and how replacement remotes can make everything better:

    Losing your remote. There are tons of shocking statistics that may make you feel a little less crazy about losing your remote. For example, 4% of all misplaced remotes are found in the fridge or freezer, with another 2% turning up all the way outside, or even in the car. Whether you lose your remote or it just stops working, everybody deals with a case of the “remote control blues” at one point or another.

    Should I go with a universal remote? You may think a universal remote is your best bet to cover all your future remote control needs. The fact is, most universal remotes don’t have the same features as your original remote, and skimming through thousands of universal remote codes is a painstaking process.

    The benefits of original replacement remotes. With an original replacement device, there are no remote manuals, TV remote codes, or anything annoying that you’ll have to deal with. These original replacements come ready to use as soon as you take them out of the box. It’s the perfect cure for a bad case of the “remote blues.”

The next time you lose your remote control, save yourself the trouble of dealing with complicated TV remote codes and universal devices. Original replacement remotes will put you on the fast track to finally be able to enjoy what you spent your hard-earned money on. Just try not to lose this one!