8 Tips to Handle the Stresses of Association Management

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If you are involved in condo property management, you know how stressful the job can be. There are a lot of condos around the country. In Manhattan, the amount of condos makes up 75% of the housing market there. It is also a huge market. By next year, this industry should grow to $42.9 billion. If you work in association management, you can take steps to limit your stress level from this important job.

  1. Get more exercise. Get outside and get some walking in. Take the stairs and not the elevator. There are a lot of ways to get exercise into your daily routine. Working out is very good for dealing with stress at work and in your life. Try to work in sometime outside every day. The natural light also has a great impact on your mental state.
  2. Clean up your space. If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider cleaning up your workspace may improve your outlook on things. When you are in association management, you have a thousand different details to keep track of and manage. If your workspace is messy, that can increase your stress level a lot. You will be better able to focus your attention where it needs to be.
  3. Listen to some music. New research shows that listening to music can help lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety and lower your heart rate. Get your favorite music and listen to that while you are working. Music can have a calming effect on all people, not just in association management. Pick something soothing to help relax you.
  4. Try meditation. You do not have to do this for an hour for you to get the benefits. Sit up straight, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Focus on the breaths you take in and the breaths you breathe out. Breathing deeply has been shown to have positive effects. This will slow down your heart rate and let the blood to return to your brain to encourage better thinking and less stress. Even a few minutes every day will help your stress level.
  5. Make time to laugh. Watch a cat video or two or your favorite comedian. Laughter has long been considered to be the best medicine. If you find your stress level rise up, take a few minutes away from all of your association management duties to laugh at something. You will feel better for having done it. Check out Funny or Die for their collection of funny videos.
  6. Spend some time away from your devices. We are always being bombarded with information from a host of sources. Sometimes, it is really important to turn off your devices and spend some time away from them. Read a real book. Leave your cell phone and go for a walk. You will lower your blood pressure and help your brain process everything you have to deal with when you work for one of the association management companies.
  7. Take time for yourself. It is easy to get all wrapped up in work, especially when you have all of the competing interests and needs associated with working for a property management company and not take time for yourself. That just makes the situation a lot worse and can make you more stressed. On airplanes they always tell you to take care of your air mask and then help other people. The same principle applies here. You cannot take care of other people when you do not take care of yourself.
  8. Get your sleep. This cannot be stressed enough. Your body and mind will be much more able to deal with the stresses of the day when you are rested. Establish a good sleep hygiene routine and stick to it. When you are not sleeping, your body releases more of the stress hormone, cortisol into your system.

Working in association management can be a very rewarding career. It is great if you like solving problems and working with people. Like everything else in today’s work, it can come with a lot of stress. These tips will help.