7 Great Steps to Starting a Cattle Ranch

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Raising cattle is definitely not something that just anyone can do. It takes a special type of patience and love to be able to do it correctly. It can be a very lucrative business, as old fashioned as it might sound and can be very beneficial in the long run.

Why Raise Cattle?
There are various reasons for raising cattle. Here are a few examples that might help you get in to the mind set of a cattle raiser a little better:

  1. To sell their milk
  2. To sell the entire cow
  3. For competitions and fairs
  4. Personal use
    • to cut down on the expense of dairy
    • to ensure organic product for the family

How to Start a Cattle Raising Farm

  1. As with any start up business, you have to have a business plan. Decide what kind of cows you want to raise and what type of farm you want to run. Starting small is always your best bet with this so that you can learn from your first mistakes without losing to much of your investment. If all goes well, your operation will naturally grow bigger as the cows begin breeding and you will have not risked your livlihood, especially if you are new to farm life.

  2. Figure out exactly where would be the ideal location for your farm and then find cattle land for sale in that area. Remember that you should be thinking anywhere from 10 to 30 years down the road. This is a long term commitment. You do not have to stay within your vicinity. If you are serious about cattle raising, especially if you are doing it to make a profit, you may be better off finding a state or even a country with a better climate and market and more agreeable vegetation.
  3. Finding cattle land for sale can be difficult. However, once you have located cattle land for sale, go about the process as you would for buying any property. You will probably have to invest an out of pocket down payment for the land. Keep in mind that prices for land tend to be higher in locations where the population is denser. The land is higher in demand there then in a less population area. Looking at cattle ranches for sale that already have what you need as far as facilities and fences for the cattle is better because they are much easier than buying something you have to fix up yourself.
  4. Once you find the cattle land for sale, you can now make a final decision about the type of cattle you want to sell. The type of cattle you decide to sell should work with your budget and long term goals. Dairy or beef cattle are the most well known and easiest to raise. Dairy cattle tend to need more attention and machinery than beef cows, which makes beef the ultimate cattle to raise for a beginner. After you decide on the kind, find out the breed and decide on that also.
  5. While the buying of the land is in process, you will want to really get in to researching the kinds of facilities and equipment that you will need depending on the type of cattle you plan to raise. Take a look a what you really need and decide what is priority above the others. Remember, starting small is a wiser financial decision.

  6. Once everything is in place and ready to go, don’t neglect the financial side and logistics. These are very important records to keep track of. This will show you if your business is profitable enough to continue and will also be necessary when it comes to tax time. In some places it is a requirement to have tag information for every single animal that you have on your farm, whether bought, sold or born.

  7. Last piece of advise: have fun with it. Even after finding cattle land for sale and deciding on the cattle and getting everything done, the actual cattle raising part can be a very stressful way to live but it can be so rewarding and satisfying when it really starts taking off. Read more articles like this.