4 Ways to Prevent Thumb Sucking in Children

Many parents have children that suck their thumbs. However, it can begin to become a worry after your child reaches a certain age. Statistics show that 95% of babies suck their thumbs purely based on natural reflexes. That being said, children sucking their thumbs after the age of two are likely doing this out of habit. This can cause many problems for a child as they age including becoming increasingly susceptible to sicknesses. Statistics show that the average human hand contains 3,200 bacteria. Therefore, it’s understandable for parents to want their children to stop the habit of thumb sucking. Luckily, these habits can be corrected when you know what to do about it. Considering that, try these four thumb sucking remedies on your child.

  1. Talk to Your Child

    It’s best to avoid initially being angry with your child about their thumb sucking habit. In many cases, this is only going to further finger sucking. Instead, simply talk with your child about their habit. You can simply mention that you’re ready to help the child when they want to stop sucking their fingers. In addition, you might consider offering a reward if your child is able to successfully stop this habit.
  2. Monitor Their Habits

    In many cases, children will engage in finger sucking during specific times or activities. For instance, many children will suck their thumbs before sleeping. On the other hand, certain children might suck their fingers as a type of nervous habit. Learning when children engage in these activities can help to give you a plan as to how to fix this issue.
  3. Purchase a Thumb Sucking Guard

    Another great way to prevent your child to stop finger sucking is with the use of special guards. These thumb sucking guards are easy to put on but relatively difficult for a child to remove. Many parents have found that these thumb sucking deterrents work incredibly well. In addition, these guards are available in many different colors. This helps to ensure that children have fun while choosing the finger guard they want. In many cases, thumb sucking guards tend to work for most children in about one month.
  4. Practice Positive Praise

    Imagine a time where you were recently positively recognized for something. Whether it was by a manager at work or a close friend, it feels good to receive praise for something you’ve done. With that in mind, it’s important that you practice this same type of positive reinforcement with your child. For instance, consider setting a timer for periods of time that your child doesn’t suck their thumbs.

In closing, there are several tips parents can utilize to deter children from sucking their fingers. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a thumb sucking guard. For instance, many parents prefer the TGuard brand. This company makes both the TGuard Fingerguard as well as the TGuard Classic. In addition, statistics show that these devices are 90% effective in regards to having children stop sucking their thumbs. Following these tips will help ensure that your child is able to curb their respective thumb sucking habits.