3 Reasons You Should Use Thermal Water Bottles

Drinking water is incredibly important no matter what age you are. It’s actually recommended to drink about half a gallon of water every day to stay properly hydrated. When drinking water, be it at home, or on the go during the day, many turn to water bottles to carry their water with them. There are literally hundreds of water bottle options to choose from, but the one you should consider getting for yourself is a thermal water bottle. Thermal water bottles are ideal for you for a number of reasons, and this article will look at three of them.

  • Thermal Water Bottles Can Keep Liquids Hot and Cold: A thermal water bottle is a stainless steel water bottle that can keep liquids hot or cold as desired, regardless of the temperature outside of the water bottle. This makes the bottle perfect for taking water on a long hike on a hot summer’s day. Even if you’re gone for several hours, the water will still be cold and feel more refreshing because it is insulated from the hot air outside. On the reverse side, thermal water bottles can also be used to keep hot liquids during the winter, like hot chocolate or hot tea. These benefits make a thermal water bottle extremely practical and versatile.
  • Free of Dangerous Chemicals and Toxic Metals: Another reason you should use thermal water bottles is because they are free of dangerous chemicals and toxic metals like lead and BPA. A BPA free stainless steel bottle will not contain the industrial chemical bisphenol A, which is often found in plastic water bottles and can seep into the body in small doses. BPA has been proven to have an adverse effect on certain parts of the body and is suspected, according to the Mayo Clinic, of having an adverse effect on blood pressure. Stainless steel water bottles are also free of any lead. Having lead free stainless steel water bottles means that you and your family will be safe from lead exposure, which can absolutely have a detrimental effect on the body if too much is consumed, especially if the very young are exposed to it.
  • Good for the Environment: A third reason that thermal water bottles are right for you is that they are good for the environment. Because these water bottles are made of stainless steel, they can be reused multiple times and never need to be thrown out. This is a benefit inherent to all plastic free water bottles; they’re made in such a way that they can be reused and they will help decrease the amount of plastic that is thrown away every year (which makes up about 10 percent of household waste)

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons to use a thermal water bottle. These include the bottles’ ability to keep liquids either hot or cold, the fact that they’re free from dangerous chemicals and metals, and that they’re good for the environment because they reduce plastic waste. If you can, it’s important to replace any plastic water bottles in your home with stainless steel thermal water bottles because of all of these benefits. It will only do more good for you and the environment in the long run.