Why Kitchen Remodeling Is More Popular Than Ever

Quartz countertop

The National Association of Homey Builders conducted a survey in which kitchen remodeling jobs ranked second highest in requested jobs at a strong 69%. In the United States, most kitchens contain around 25 square feet of countertop. The increase in requests for kitchen remodeling has caused an increase in countertop manufacturers and countertop distributors across the country. People have never had access to such high quality countertops as before. As one could imagine, picking quality countertops is an important aspect of remodeling the kitchen area. This is also a strong reason as to why kitchen remodeling is now so popular.

Laminate Countertops Are On The Rise

Laminate countertops are becoming quite popular in households in the United States. While it is not the most sought out type of countertop, it is becoming a trend. Laminate countertops are very durable. As a matter of fact, if they are taken care of properly, laminate countertops can last up to 20 years. For many homeowners, two decades of countertops is worth the investment. Laminate countertop manufacturers have even created a new custom laminate countertop that allows young children to draw on it without negative consequences. For parents who look to embrace their children creative side, this is a huge plus.

Quartz Counters Reign Supreme

In 2014, Quartz rose above granite as the most popular material used in quality countertops. This is simply due to the fact that Quartz is the best material used for countertops today. Homeowners will spend an average of $2,912 when installing countertops and as a result they want the best material. Quartz countertops are not only good looking but they also have qualities that justify the amount of money spent installing them during a kitchen remodeling. Quartz countertop manufacturers have stated that Quartz can handle up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important because if you can’t handle the heat, you can’t stay in the kitchen. Consumers want quality countertops made of material that is not only good looking but is also reliable and durable and Quartz countertops meet both of those needs.

As consumers try to determine how to choose the right countertop they have some strong options to choose from. With kitchen remodeling now being more popular than ever, it makes sense that their is now such a strong value placed on installing quality countertops.

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