Eat, Drink and Be Married In A Banquet Hall

Reception hall decorations

When choosing a banquet hall for a wedding, start with the size that you will need for guests. Are you having a small or large wedding? Know how much you plan to spend before looking so you don’t go over what you can afford. Have a good idea of how many relatives and friends will be coming. 

Look for restaurants and catering establishments in your area by using the Internet or phone book. If you have family and friends with experience, ask for some recommendations and reviews of establishments you are interested in. Make inquiries by calling and then visiting. Have a list of questions about services to ask about. Visit during the day to see how the room looks when it is well-lit. Will it be warm in winter or cool enough for hot weather? Is it clean and organized? 

Try to find out if the banquet hall rental offers full service or partial service. Full service often means that venue staff members help organize the event and set up the wedding hall with provided tables, chairs, linens and plates. Wait staff will also be provided to help serve food. A partial service for wedding halls might just include the rental of the space, leaving you to provide the rest. Sometimes tables and setup will be provided, but you will have to bring the food. 

Before booking, decide on the style of wedding you want to have. Maybe you want an elegant rose garden reception, a sports banquet or a church hall wedding. Be realistic: If you can only afford a church hall, don’t go for the champagne-and-caviar reception. Look for wedding packages that give you extra services and discounts. 

Talk with your fiancee before going out in order to find something that pleases both of you. Create a budget and some dates to work with. When looking for the best wedding places, find a venue that you can have your ceremony at too. Do they have hotels or motels nearby where guests can stay? Find out if it is handicapped accessible and ask about the cancellation policy. Make sure that you get a contract that spells out all the details. Do they have catering to help with menu selection, and do they host indoor and outdoor receptions?

These are some points to look at when looking for beautiful wedding places for your special day. A banquet hall is a major part of a successful wedding. 

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