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Upgrade Your Backyard How to Get the Most Out of an Under-Utilized Living Space

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A home is nothing more than the sum of its parts, yet many homeowners seem to constantly neglect a crucial part of their home: the actual property. Home buyers and sellers who realize this are able to tap into a world of potential through landscaping and exterior decorating to increase the curb appeal and value of any home. Here are some ways that homeowners can revitalize under-utilized yard space through smart, lasting investments.

Beautifying One’s Home

Landscaping is a practical art form in many respects. Properly installed tree lines can help reduce heating costs in the winter; likewise, the shade provided by specially positioned trees can help cut down on air conditioning costs in the summer. With the right kind of landscaping, homeowners can potentially negate harmful w

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Grilling What Seperates Us From the Foodies

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Since when did food become so serious? We all like to eat, but self-described “foodies” won’t eat a lobster tail unless it was sous-vide with clarified butter on top of an arugula salad. Normal eaters like us don’t need all the fancy fixings, we just need to eat good fresh food prepared in our own backyards. Let the foodies keep their truffle risotto: I’ll just have a steak on the grill.

America’s Favorite Way to Cook

Up to 80% of households own a outdoor barbecue, grill, or smoker of some kind to compliment the natural flavor of meats and vegetables with a flame-seared kiss. When it comes to grilling, veteran grillers know to season lightly and let the food speak for itself. Different kinds of grills have different benefits depending on the griller’s preference. Up to 61% of those who

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