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4 Effective Ways to Deal With Terrible Twos Behavior

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Many parents dread the terrible twos. The screaming because they can?t have their way, the unexpected tantrums over nothing and the refusal to eat anything on their plate all add up to what is known as ?terrible twos behavior.? This phase of childhood has frustrated numerous sets of parents to no end, but you?re in luck! Read on to discover how you can avoid the terrible twos behavior in just a few short steps.

Dealing with the terrible twos can tire anyone out. Whether you?re a brand new parent or a veteran babysitter, terrible twos have a way of stretchi

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Are You Preparing to Talk to You Parent About Home Health Care Options or Settings?

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Some of the phone calls you have had lately with your mother are heartbreaking.
For years, your mother has insisted that she has wanted to remain in her own home. In the past when you have talked about the options for senior home care she has been adamant that she wants to continue to cook and clean for herself and remain in her own home. And while you admire her health and her attitude, you cannot deny the sadness in her voice.
In the last few months several of your mother’s friends have moved out of their own homes and into a variety of senior home care options. Even the normal church activities that she has so long enjoyed seem to be difficult for her recently. In fact, her Monday morning quilting group at church that she has worked with for years does not even seem to be the same. As some of

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