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Furnishing a Condo for the First Time? Check Out These 3 Simple Tips

Furniture shopping

Have you retired recently and decided to downsize? Or are you finally living out your dream of buying beachfront property? If either of these scenarios applies to you, then you’ve probably chosen to move into a condominium by the water. Condos are an easy way to live for many people because they often don’t require extensive yard work or other maintenance. However, they offer plenty of space for couples and families alike who need to live simply.

One of the challenges for new condo owners, however, is furnishing a condo to suit their tastes. Those who want a condo to look like it belongs by the beach, whether it’s there or not, definitely need to pay close attention when they go furniture shopping.

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Types of Items Charitable Organizations Accept

Military families

An estimated 68 pounds of clothing are thrown away by the average American family every year, and 99% of what is thrown away can easily be recycled. Imagine how many families in need could have been helped by that amount of clothing. This is where charitable donations come into play.

There are many charities that accept all kinds of donations throughout the United States. One can choose from larger, national charities such as Goodwill or the American Red Cross, or people can opt for donating to their favorite local charity or shelter. Just be sure that before a donation is made that guidelines are followed and they accept the items you want to part from.

What is usually accepted: If you would rather make charitable donations to a national foundation, the following items are normally

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