Why Flowers Make a Great Gift

Birthday flowers

It is never easy to get the right gift for someone that you love. Not only is it just difficult within itself to go and buy the right gift that someone will actually love, it is also tough to even know specifically what someone wants on a yearly basis. If you have been buying gifts for your mother or your significant other than there are some things you need to know.

If you want to get the right gift for someone you love without making a mistake, then purchasing a flower bouquet for them is the way to go. Yes, this sounds somewhat silly considering the fact that anyone can tell you to buy flowers. But there are statistics and data that suggest why buying flowers is a great idea for someone looking to get the right gift. Here is what you should know about flowers, holidays, and buying gifts for the people you love.

One of the most popular holidays for buying flowers is none other than mothers day. 25% of all floral purchases made for holidays comes directly from Mother’s Day. As a matter of fact, in 2015 35% of all adults bought plants or roses as a gift for their mothers. 66% of all people involved in Mother’s Day celebrations bought their moms some type of floral item in 2016, which generated an estimated $2.4 billion.

Flower bouquets have been depicted as a part of society dating back to the ancient times of 2,500 B.C. Whether they be graduation flowers, fresh flowers, flower delivery, anniversary flowers, or even birthday flowers, you literally can not go wrong with buying someone you love flowers. Keep in mind that 15% of all women in the United States will buy and send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. Even more impressive is the fact that 36% of all women surveyed by the American Society of Florists, revealed that they bought their spouse flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Just about 63% of all floral items are bought for oneself, meaning that someone will buy themselves roses or tulipd for no reason or for a holiday like Valentine’s Day as previously mentioned. 37% of all floral purchases are gifts for someone else on the other hand. Floral items will make up about 7 to 8% of a typical wedding budget.

Normally 60% of all wedding parties will involve a flower girl that has flower petals. The annual spending on floral products in the United States equates to about $26,600,000,000. The number one season for floral-buying is the holiday season of Christmas and Hanukkah.

In Conclusion

Flowers will make a great gift no matter who you buy them from and no matter the occasion you are celebrating. From holiday seasons like Christmas and Hanukkah to anniversaries, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day, floral items are great for any situation if it is someone you are close to. This does not mean that you should go and buy some sort of floral item for your best friend, but instead that if you have someone you love that you need to get a gift for your best option might be to buy a large flower bouquet.