When Settling Down, Don’t Settle for Less

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The move into a new home can be difficult, especially when you’re leaving an empty nest. Not only are you leaving a place you may have lived for what seems like forever, but you’re leaving familiar people and places behind. Leaving a place you called home is never easy, but that doesn’t mean that finding a new home has to be difficult!

People in Generation X account for nearly 30% of all new home sales. So no matter how alone you may feel in your search for a new home, there are countless people in the same situation! A relaxed lifestyle is ideal for most retirees, and there are amazing real estate opportunities for just that, especially considering that there are over 40 million in the United States alone. Your retirement shouldn’t be stressful, and finding that perfect place to kick back and enjoy yourself should be the least of your worries.

The first step in finding any home is to decide what you want. Are you a fan of lake homes? Do you love the outdoors? Would you prefer buying a home, or looking at land for sale to build your own dream home? Deciding what kind of home you want to buy, or even build, it the first step to making your retirement dreams come true. The current average sales price of a non-distressed home is $136,000. This means homes that don’t require any major remodeling or refurbishing. Beyond deciding what you’d like your future home to look like, researching the communities around your home is crucial. If you’re a more social person, you may be looking into property in a community, while a more solitary person may look for land for sale on a lakefront or in a more secluded suburban area. Regardless of what you’re looking for, it’s important to have these things in mind while shopping for a new home.

You’ve learned the basics about real estate after retirement, and that deciding what you want takes priority in your hunt for the perfect home. Do what you have to do! Start the search, and move to the next adventure!