What Color is Your Favorite Bean Bag Chair?

Bean bag chair

Everyone has a favorite beanbag chair they remember from their childhood. Was yours the green corduroy one? Or the plush pink? Or the white vinyl that dumped you on the floor unless you sat just right? The good news is that people don?t really ever outgrow beanbag chairs, and you can find one that?s right for you, no matter your age. There are even bean bag chairs for gamers, big bean bag chairs for adults, and chair-shaped bean bag chairs that allow a sitting position.

Bean bags are for everyone
Bean bag chairs have long been a favorite for kids? and dorm rooms. They?re lightweight and easy to move around, they come in bright colors, and they?re not expensive. If one does get really dirty, it can be replaced easily. Most people remember their favorite bean bag chairs from childhood, and the intense competition from friends and siblings (and occasional dogs and cats as well) to bag that coveted seat.
The good news is that bean bags are still around, in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes, for all ages. Big bean bag chairs for adults who deserve comfortable and fun seating too, corduroy bean bag chairs in retro ?70s colors, and even bean chairs that can seat several adults. Gaming bean bag chairs are the newest variation in this classic design, and provide the comfort needed to focus on the game.

Bean bag chairs for gamers
Contrary to popular belief, not all gamers are teenagers. In fact, 155 million Americans play video games and, given the demographic parameters, a large number of them are adults. The average age of U.S. gamers is actually 35, and by that age, people come to value comfort. Especially when they spend long hours in one sitting position.
So how much time exactly do gamers spend in front of their screens? At just under an hour a day, gamers spend 6.5 hours each week playing with other gamers. They need to sit in comfort, but also to keep their hands and sometimes arms free to properly use the controls. In fact, the most comfortable position for gaming is not sitting upright, but lounging. At the same time, the seat should provide back and neck support. Bean bags, with their ability to mound themselves to the shape of the user, are ideal for this.
Choosing the right bean bag chair
With all the new designs and colors available, the only problem anyone who wants a bean bag chair will face is to pick only one. The solution might well be to get several instead, one for each room, or each person. That would also make it easier for those who are hard pushed to choose between neon pink or zebra stripes.

For those with a practical bent, there are the foldable bean bag chairs which open out into a small bed for naps and overnight guests. And to eliminate the competitive factor in bean bag seating, there are big bean bag chairs that can serve as couches, and seat several adults.

Bean bag chairs have never really gone out of style, and now they?re available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, for people of all ages. From bean bags for gamers to big bean bag chairs for adults, they?re still everyone?s favorite seat in the house.