What Are Some Advantages of Private Schools

Private high schools

Parents who want the best for their children have to consider a number of factors when choosing a school. They may be wondering if they should send their kids to a private school, and if that will have any benefits for the children. They will be looking for schools with high academic standards, sports teams, arts and music and a safe and caring environment. These are some of the advantages of private schools, which allow children to develop their self condolence and skills.

  • Safety and small class size
    Small class sizes and a smaller total enrollment means that private schools are a safe and secure space in which students can grow and learn. Over 86% of all private schools enroll less than 300 students. This allows all staff and teachers to get to know students personally and to look out for them. A study by the Fraser Institute found that 72% of parents with kids in private schools were very confident that it was a safe environment.
    When students feel like they have a secure base, they can take risks and challenge themselves. Small class sizes, where the typical teacher to student ratio is 1:9, also make for a better learning environment. Teachers can get to know each student individually and help them to develop their their talents, skills and capabilities.

  • Academic standards
    Most people believe that private schools have higher academic standards and they?re right. Students in private schools perform better on standardized tests, and the large majority go on to attend four year colleges. Smaller class sizes mean that students have a chance to learn and develop their individual interests.
    Smaller enrollments allow private schools to invest more in science labs, computer labs and libraries. In fact, as many as 80% of parents whose kids go to private schools say that they are happy with the academic standards at the school. Many consider this to be one of the biggest advantages of private schools.

  • Sports and other activities
    Because of their smaller size, most private schools are able to devote more resources and attention to sports and other extra curricular activities like music and art classes. Most private schools have a number of athletics teams for students to choose from. This allows them to play the sports they are best suited for, and to develop their skills.
    Participation in fine arts and music classes has been shown to contribute to students? academic performance and all round development. It also gives them self confidence and encourages their creativity.

With all the advantages of private schools, many parents feel that private education is the best choice for their children. This is where the kids will learn the academic skills that will form the foundation of their future success. Even more important, they will learn to develop the sense of confidence and responsibility that will make them good citizens.