Urgent Care Clinics- Illnesses and Injuries Covered

Oftentimes, illnesses that do not require a hospital trip have an acute onset of symptoms. And by the time you actually manage to get an appointment with a primary care physician, you’ve been suffering from symptoms for weeks or even months. Emergency healthcare services can be a solution to this problem, but can be very costly both for the patient and for the hospital. Additionally, urgent care clinics can be a great option as well, but they don’t always have all of the treatment options normally provided at a doctor’s office or hospital. Introducing, er and urgent care clinics. These hybrid emergency centers and 24 hour walk in locations offer the convenience of a walk in clinic combined with the treatment options of a traditional hospital. These er and urgent care clinics can help treat a variety of symptoms and illnesses such as wounds, chest pain, and headaches.

A wound injury can be extremely painful and often requires immediate medical attention and sometimes hospitalization. Typically the wound requires sterilization, and depending on the location and depth of the wound, stitches. There are a few signs that a cut might require stitches such as: the cut is on a sensitive area on the body (face, genitalia, etc), the area surrounding the cut feels numb, and the bleeding will not stop or the cut will not close after applying pressure. These er and urgent care clinics are an excellent option for wound treatment for shallow or straight wounds because they can apply stitches for less severe wounds and can prescribe pain medication without the expense or wait time of a traditional hospital.

Another symptom that can often be treated by er and urgent care clinics is chest pain. Chest pain is not a condition on its own but it is typically a symptom of a larger issue. Conditions typically characterized by chest pain include, Acid Reflux, Pleuritis (inflammation of the lungs), muscle or bone problems, stress, anxiety, or other cardiac issues such as a heart attack or coronary artery disease. These er and health care clinics are an excellent option because they can help to narrow down possible causes of chest pain, and can even prescribe medication (depending on the underlying issue) to combat symptoms.

These er and urgent care clinics are also able to help with headache symptoms. Headaches can occur due to a number of different underlying conditions such as, head injury, infection (bacterial or virus), dehydration, or concussion. Headaches can often be treated with over the counter medications, but if symptoms persist it is important to visit er and urgent care clinics to check that the symptom isn’t indicating an underlying disease or injury.