Three Things You Don’t Know About Amish Woodworking

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Amish woodworking is something that has existed for centuries. But just because it has existed for centuries doesn’t mean that everyone knows about it — and in some ways, perhaps that is why Amish craftsmanship stands heads and shoulders above the rest. While some crafts companies have really devolved into mass production, ignoring the art form of woodworking, Amish woodworking keeps a high level of quality that can’t be ignored. The Amish remain relatively secluded from the rest of the world — and for that matter, they want to keep it that way in many senses. Yet they’re also smart businesspeople and know the value of their crafts. The rest of the world is beginning to recognize that value as well. The great thing about Amish craftsmanship is that it can be applied to both decorative pieces and practical works. The Amish know the importance of things like barns and custom sheds — and as such, you aren’t simply limited to ordering beautiful tables and chairs from Amish craftsmen. But before you make your first order, there are a few things you should know in advance. Where you’re looking to have Amish craftsmen deliver sheds for your yard business or craft Amish furniture, you need to be aware that this isn’t a huge corporation that you’re ordering from, but a people who put a lot of care into their work. Let’s dive in to what you might not know about Amish crafts.

1. They Were Only Recently Rediscovered

As previously mentioned, Amish crafts have been around for a long time. But due in part to the isolation of the community, many were unaware of the level of crafts they produced. In the 1920s, however, the folk art craze swept the nation. Folk are is associated largely with traditional crafts that are beautiful, while also being heavily influenced by the cultural groups creating them. They look quite distinct — and this definitely applies to Amish furniture. Around this time, art dealers and collectors rediscovered Amish furniture and began placing a high value on their pieces. As time passed, they also came to place the same high regard on practical works like corner sheds and Amish storage barns. While those works may not be particularly stylish, they do serve their purposes. An Amish shed can last 15 to 20 years, and 100% of Amish furniture is hand-crafted. The same can be expected of many of the practical works made by Amish woodworkers.

2. Pieces Are Delivered

Some think that they can’t have Amish pieces delivered. This is because in the past, many bought Amish furniture in particular from antique dealers and stores. Today, the Amish deliver sheds and furniture, as well as much more, thanks to ordering systems online. The convenience of being able to deliver sheds and other products allow craftsmen to focus on their work and sell more. The consumer benefits as well, of course. Rather than driving to pick up your piece or indeed find it in the first place, the shift of the Amish choosing to deliver sheds and other products means that you can order, pay, and wait. Of course, the ordering system gets a bit more complicated and the wait time a bit longer when custom furniture pieces are commissioned, but this is to be expected. For that matter, many would agree that such pieces are well worth the wait.

3. The Crafting Process Is Complex

The Amish do not mass-produce products, as we mentioned before. Usually, they create furniture out of five different types of food: cherry, hickory, oak, maple, and walnut. If a piece is custom-made, the entire process of crafting and delivery will take between 12 and 16 weeks. The time spent on crafting the piece alone is about eight weeks. Pieces that are Amish made will look better and last longer, while having a unique twist to them, and a story that no one will be able to ignore.