The Right Outdoor Rentals for an Event

Many events can take place outdoors rather than in a convention center room, and going outside in good weather can make an event such as a large birthday party or wedding quite pleasant. The same can also be done for a carnival or fair, business meeting or presentation, charity meal, and other such events. But planning an outdoor event means having all the right hardware for the job, and it can cost a lot to buy everything. Instead, the event’s organizers can rent everything from local companies, and this includes padded chair rentals, wedding tents rentals, linen options, table rentals, and the like. If the event includes a meal, that also calls for catering, renting plates and silverware and drinking vessels, and more. But wedding tents rentals don’t have to be a hassle; getting chair covers, tables, and more can be done easily if all this is done in the right order. How can wedding tents rentals be done smoothly for a fun event outdoors?

Tables and the Guest List

Typically, an event being hosted outdoors under a large tent will have a solid guest list at some point. Knowing this is important, since the number of tables needed, and wedding tents rentals, cannot be done with estimates. If the event’s organizers try to “eyeball” this, they may accidentally rent a tent that’s too small (and thus can’t contain everyone) or too large (wasting money). So, once the guest list is finalized, the event organizers can refer to it, no matter how long or short that list is.

With this solid guest count in mind, the event’s organizers may start with table and chair rentals. There are plenty of options here, and the party planners may choose among round tables, square tables, long rectangular tables, and more. And of course, it should be noted how many people can be comfortably seated at each table. The event organizers will visit local table and chair rental companies and review some hardware in person, and choose the number and type of tables and chairs that they would like. Once that is done, the event’s organizers can figure out how to arrange all of those tables and chairs, allowing enough room for people to walk in between the tables. That, and they should also factor in how chairs must have room to slide in and out for each guest. Adding up all this will create the total square footage that the event will take up, and that precise figure is the key to wedding tents rentals.

Tent and Linen Rentals

Now that all the tables and chairs are rented and arranged correctly, it is time to rent the tent, as well as linens to put on those tables. Most often, linens can be rented from specialized rental companies, which are often separate from the companies that provided the actual tables. The event organizers will know the size, shape, and number of each table, and this guides them on which lien pieces to rent. No tablecloths should be too big or small. As for the material and color of the fabric, that is a matter of taste and discretion as long as the size is correct. Some linens may be made of fabric or cotton, and some may have patterns or lace on them, or they may be fairly plain, such as solid blue or black.

Finally, there’s wedding tents rentals. Since the square footage for the event is known, the event organizers may visit tent rental companies in person, and tell the staff there what size and model of tent they need. The customers should do this in person at some point before renting, so they can look over a tent and check it for defects, such as stains or rips. What is more, some customers can rent extra accessories on those tents, such as fabric walls, complete with clear plastic windows. This can create a more indoor feel if that is desired, and the walls can keep the event private or help protect the attendees from sudden changes in the weather. Many tents may also have hanging lanterns or strings of lights added to their supports on the inside to illuminate and decorate any event at night.