The Many Advantages of the Mini Modular Home


People have preferences on housing sizes, just as they do with everything else. While some people enjoy single bedrooms per family member with multiple bathrooms and ample entertainment space, others prefer a studio type living arrangement. Also, more and more people are learning about the many benefits that smaller type homes, or mini mods offer. There may be more advantages to lesser square footage in a home than you might thing.

Lower energy costs. Larger homes require additional energy for things like electricity, heat, and air conditioning. This can be too high of a cost for some. It can also be considered a waste, because many of the rooms in the home are being heated, cooled, and provided with electricity, when no one is even in the room. When the majority of your house is in one or two rooms, there is lesser home to heat or cool. Smaller homes owners will find a drastic decrease on their home energy costs.

Easier to keep up. Any home require upkeep and maintenance. The typical home is around 2,600 square feet, whereas the typical small or tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet. Homes with that minimal of square footage are easier to keep up, because there is less home to require repairs to. Owners of large homes will constantly find that they are putting money into their homes. When one item is repaired, another seems to break. Once one room remodel is completed, it is time to begin another one. This is less likely when small homes are involved.

Save money on mortgage costs. A large percentage of people?s income often goes to the mortgage payments. In fact, for most Americans, approximately one third to one half of their income is dedicated to the roof over their head, this translates to 15 years of working over your lifetime just to pay for it, and because of it, 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Because smaller homes require less material and less labor, they do not cost as much to purchase. The land that they are on is also often smaller. Americans can focus on other areas of their life and can increase their financial situation by choosing not to spend as much on their housing costs.

Small modular homes can be built out of recycled materials. Most homes contain new materials. They require so much material that it is not entirely possible to build a large home out of completely recycled materials. This is a part of the high costs of a new house. However, smaller, modular homes are much smaller and can often be built out of recycled materials. A popular material that is used for modular homes is in the form of shipping container houses. There is an abundance of shipping containers that are not being used.

These shipping containers can be redesigned into a mini house. There are around 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 million of these in use. So approximately 11 million shipping containers are currently unused and could be converted into homes for people. It is a great way to get these large, unused materials out of junk yards.

The reduced cost could help with homeless problems. There are some cities in the country that have higher than average homeless problems. Many of these homeless people are struggling to get on their feet. Even if they were to find a job, it would be many months before they were able to afford a traditional mortgage. They would have to improve their credit and save up enough for a down payment. However, converting these recycled shipping containers into affordable mini homes could provide a great alternative option for those with nowhere else to live.

Most people have seen the TV shows portraying those who have chosen to move into a mini home. The people that decide to do this do it for many reasons, as there are many benefits to downgrading to a mini home. You will experience lower energy costs, lower mortgage costs, if any, recyclability, less household projects to worry about, and a solution to homeless problems.